Taxes and tax consultancy

Our tax department deals with tax consulting, tax planning and tax audit.

We provide:

Ongoing tax consultancy
  • Visiting the client regularly on agreed days by our tax advisor or specialist who focuses continuously together with the client on current and planned tax issues.
  • Compilation of tax returns and reports that tax subject submits during the tax year.
One-time tax consultancy
  • One-time consultancy dealing with current issues.
Compilation of tax returns and tax reports
  • For every kind of direct and indirect taxes.
  • Social and health insurance reports for natural persons.
  • Compilation of value added tax return and corporate income tax return and personal income tax return.
  • Compilation of other types of tax returns according to client needs.
Optimization of tax liability
  • Proposals and realisation of measures for optimization of tax liability.
  • Search of risk factors and consequent proposal of steps which enable the client to minimise tax burden in accordance with the law.
Tax Audit
  • Detection and verification of risk areas based on data reported in bookkeeping.
  • Elimination of potential mistakes.
  • Preparation of the list of facts necessary to be taken into consideration in tax return.
  • Control of the tax return itself.
  • Compiling tax audit report.
Other tax legal services
  • Realization of mergers, acquisition and divisions of existing companies according to clients’ proposals.

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