Wages and Human Resources

Within this service, we provide proposals of employment contracts, agreements to perform work and agreements to complete a job.

Naturally, we provide comprehensive payroll services based on materials from employer, which represent:
  • Questionnaire filled in when a new employee starts working
  • Earning statement from previous employment, alternatively confirmation from job centre or statutory declaration of employee
  • Employment contract, salary statement, declaration of the taxpayer liable to personal income tax
  • Time sheet
  • Certificate confirming inability to work
  • Request for care benefits
  • Request for maternity benefits
According to the abovementioned materials will prepare:
  • Registration and cancellation of registration of employees at social security administration and health insurance company,
  • Pension security records,
  • Employment statements,
  • Certificate of taxable income,
  • Certificates for obtaining child allowance, loans etc.
  • Annual tax settlement
Monthly wage calculation will feature:
  • Social and health insurance payment,
  • Calculation of advance on income tax from employment,
  • Payroll deduction – savings, installments, etc.
  • Payslip, documents on advances and supplementary payments
  • Overview of wage components for each employee namely
  • Summary of wage components
  • Wage sheet keeping for each employee
  • Sending of payslip to employee’s private address
  • Order to pay taxes and insurance deductions and net wages
  • Handing over data within the agreed deadline

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