Other consulting and services

Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements for entities forming a consolidated group.
Establishment and management of trust funds
  • Establishment of trust funds including bookkeeping and performance of the function of trustee.
Due diligence
  • Elaboration of due diligence analysis, which helps in decision-making on the sale or purchase of a company and to identify and assess the risks involved.
Financial analysis
  • Comprehensive economic and financial analysis.
  • Evaluation by financial ratio indicators.
  • Interpretation of identified results from numeric form to clearly formulated results.
  • Proposal of measures which should lead to improvement or stabilization of current client’s position.
Mediation of ready-made companies’ sales
  • On-line sale of our already established subsidiary companies.
  • These companies serve for immediate satisfaction of client’ demand for quick and easy establishment of new companies.
  • We cooperate with reputable external specialists who operate in this field.

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