Our accounting department will provide comprehensive solution to all your accounting issues.

We provide:

Introduction of accounting, including creation of the accounting directives
  • Evaluation of specific business conditions, legal form and organization structure of the client
  • Choice of accounting system
  • Creation of basic accounting directive and its future expansions in line with the characteristics of the specific business
One-time and continuous processing of accounting and tax evidence
  • For legal entities and natural persons
  • Activities are carried out either in our office or directly at the client, if it is effective
  • We provide full guarantee of the processing
Control and continuous professional supervision of accounting processing
  • Verification of already processed bookkeeping not only of current accounting period but also previous periods
  • Detection of risk area and proposal of the extent of audit performed by us
  • Possibility of continuous external supervision of accounting processing 
Retroactive accounting reconstruction
  • Service following accounting control
  • Correction of a part or the whole bookkeeping with respect to range of errors that are detected during audit
Accounting Advice
  • Providing information about billing of individual accounting transactions

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