Wages and Human Resources

As part of this service, we prepare employment contracts, work agreements and agreements on the performance of work.

A comprehensive payroll agenda is provided as a standard feature and on the basis of documents received from the employer, which represent:
  • employment questionnaires,
  • credit sheet from previous employment, or confirmation of the employment office or sworn statement of the employee,
  • employment contract, wage assessment, income tax payer's declaration,
  • list of hours worked,
  • confirmation of work disability,
  • request for support when caring for a child,
  • application for maternity cash allowance.
Based on the above documents, we prepare:
  • employee applications and de-registrations for the social security office and for health insurance,
  • pension records,
  • credit sheets,
  • confirmation on taxable income,
  • confirmation to receive a child allowance or to obtain a loan, etc.,
  • annual tax report and settlement.
Monthly wage calculation will includes:
  • social and health insurance contributions,
  • calculation of advance payment for income tax from dependent activities,
  • wage deductions – savings, loan repayments, etc.,
  • payrolls, advance payment and surcharge payslips,
  • overview of wage components for each employee – names,
  • sum of wage components,
  • maintenance of payrolls for each employee,
  • payrolls sent to employee private addresses,
  • payment order or wage deductions and payments of net wages,
  • transmission of data within the agreed deadline.

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